Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship


The Training Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship  emphasizes core principles of starting and running a fashion brand and introduces students to the dynamic field of fashion business. Throughout the programme, students will cultivate skills, passion, and a keen eye for the business side of the fashion industry, producing a strategic plan for their own future brand.

Develop a strong foundation including strategic planning, target market, and brand identity, all while engaging in hands-on activities and enlightening visits to local fashion businesses.


  • What does the course cover?

    If students successfully complete 7 courses (shown below) with The Designers’ Studio, they will receive a graded Training Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship. To qualify for a Designers’ Studio Diploma, students will need to complete the following courses:

    • Business Of Fashion A-Z
    • Fashion Styling
    • Marketing,Social Media & Webdesign
    • Creating a fashion collection
    • Fashion Illustrator
    • Fashion Brading


    • Fashion Makeup
    • Fashion Drapping
    • Fashion Accessories
    • Fashion  Sustainability

    The bundle package offers the aforementioned courses at a discounted rate. Diploma students are encouraged to complete the courses back to back however can take more time if needed (max of 3 years from start date). For more information please view the Diploma page.

  • Objectives

    • To develop students knowledge, skills in the creative and technical aspects of fashion design and in the specialist skills associated with the profession
    • To promote the attainment of the skills and knowledge required to gain appropriate professional status in the design discipline
    • Develop an awareness and appreciation of design in general and fashion design in particular to enable students to work with confidence and skill in their future careers
    • Encourage in depth design analysis
    • Introduce or develop research skills in support of design training and practice
    • Provide a historical context against which students can develop their ideas
    • Encourage individuality and creativity in all design work
    • Understand the nature of design as a problem-solving exercise and as a relationship between functional, technical and aesthetic elements
    • Successfully prepare and present a finalised design solution complete with all the necessary visual material and information to communicate a scheme fully, including a well-organised verbal presentation
    • Make a valuable contribution within the fashion design profession, or multi-disciplinary design practices; or as self-employed designers
    • Be able to successfully communicate concepts at sketch design stage with freehand sketches, visual material and rationales
    • Be aware of the value of research and sourcing in support of their design work.


  • Cost

    • 16,500 AED if purchased as a bundle package.
    • Students can purchase courses for Diploma individually however must give a 1000 AED deposit redeemable against their last (Look Book) course.


  • Available for online training?


  • Requirements


  • Materials

    2. Measuring tape
    3. Wacom tablet (optional)
    4. Foam board
    5. Scissors
    6. Glue
  • How is the Diploma Accredited?

    The internationally recognized Training Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). Certificate courses take four weeks to complete while Diploma courses can be completed within an academic year with course combining. The ethos of The Designers Studio is flexible adult education, therefore students can take up to 36 months to complete their studies on Diploma Programmes. By the time students receive their Diploma, they will be armed with an eye-catching portfolio and an comprehensive understanding of the foundations of Interior Design.


  • Date

    •March 4th  to  Monday – In Studio 9:00AM to 1:00PM