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If you are looking for an internationally recognised Interior or Fashion design qualification with a life changing travel experience, join us in the Designer’s Education Studio in Dubai, UAE.

International studies - studying Dubai

Your path to a spectacular career

Are you interested in studying abroad? If you are looking for an internationally recognised Interior or Fashion design diploma with a life changing travel experience, join us in our Education Studio in Dubai.

Can’t travel? Participate in our online learning and  study from home with no student visa required. Read on to find out more about our pre-recorded online classes and self-paced studies.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Apart from the qualifications you will earn, studying overseas offers many other benefits including the exposure to different cultures, languages, and the boost to your confidence that you will achieve through navigating the challenges of living and studying in a foreign  country.

If you decide to embark on your international studies in Dubai, you will be learning in a city that is constantly growing and evolving. Dubai is part of the largest and most popular metropolitan area in the UAE.

Known for its skyscrapers, architecture, fashion and innovation, Dubai makes for a popular study destination. It is a truly cosmopolitan city, with so much to offer in terms of design, therefore attracting students from all over the world

Studying in Dubai as an international student will improve your career prospects and offer you opportunities worldwide. Dubai is one of the world’s leading regions in the design world; hence, you can study while exploring and experiencing everything the city has to offer. This is a truly unique experience allowing students to immerse themselves into the world of design, arts and culture while studying for their Diploma.

Interior Design Diploma: Professional Practice

in studio/ 1 month intensive course
January intake (monthly)

This robust Diploma arms students with a robust portfolio, allowing them to walk straight in to the working world with confidence.

Fashion Design Diploma

In studio/ 1 month intensive course
January Intake (monthly)

This course covers every aspect of fashion design, particularly focusing on students’ development in each subject involved.

What makes our institute so unique?

We are the only educational studio in the Middle East offering this bespoke learning and travel experience. Not only will students be able to explore the stunning landscape that is Dubai, but learn in the central arts hub, The Courtyard, fulling immersing themselves into their design journey.

The Designers Studios reputation stands for itself with our career focused courses, hands on training, expert tutors and supportive learning practices. We believe that there shouldn’t be an age limit on learning and therefore are focused on adult education. We have award winning educators, and small class sizes which allows us to fully support our students educational journey. Each of our courses allows you not only to learn in the classroom but also experience the industry as a whole, not only learning soft skills, but technical in terms of computer programming and more. This makes our graduates sought after candidates worldwide with their professional portfolios, hands on experience and technical skills.

International Package Options


AED 28 000
  • Diploma in interior Design
  • Visa Assistance


AED 45 000
  • Diploma in interior Design​
  • Visa Assistance
  • Transport to and from TDS
  • Accomodation 3*
  • Seasonal Rates Might Apply


AED 65 000
  • Diploma in interior Design​
  • Visa Assistance
  • Airport transfers
  • Transport to and from TDS
  • Accomodation 4*
  • Excrusion Options
  • Seasonal Rates Might Apply


AED 110 000
  • Diploma in interior Design​
  • Visa Assistance
  • Airport transfers
  • Private Car to and from TDS
  • Accomodation 5*
  • Platinum excrusion Options.
  • Seasonal Rates Might Apply

A unique, tailormade learning experience Experience the beauty of Dubai while you learn.

Visa Assistance

Students enrolling on courses for one month duration can use the Standard Visitor Visa Route for entry to the UAE. Please contact us for visa assistance and we will connect you to our immigration partner
Visa assistance

Accommodation & Transport

We orovide students with accommodation options with our partner hotels. Package options vary from 3-5 star hotels in the heart of the Dubai. Transport to and drop off from the studio are provided every day.


Get to experence the wonders of Dubai with our excursion package Students will be able to choose activities from desert safans, to viewing the landscape of Dubai from the Buri Khalifa, trips to the souk and more