Internships and Job Opportunities

An exciting part in the Diploma is discovering the professional relevance of what you are learning, looking forward to a time when your hard-earned design skills can be applied to the world of work. The Designers Studio, as an academy that has always championed the professionalism of design, has a long a fruitful connection with many of the leading interior design studios, showrooms, architectural firms etc.

The end goal of our training is to secure work in the industry for our graduates and we actively facilitate this. Throughout the Diploma course, students are educated on CV preparation, portfolio presentation and professional practice.

Students are given real hands on career advice (the project management course is recommended for more thorough learning) throughout their courses through tutor experiences and hands on training off site. On graduation, TDS helps graduates find internships, job placements and freelance appointments. Great care is taken to match the student’s aspirations and abilities with a suitable design practice wherever possible. We connect students to our network of partnered companies and local alumni (if available) provide guidance on how to proactively approach local interior design or architectural firms in their prospective area of job search wherever possible.

Employers appreciate the way that TDS graduates have been effectively prepared for entry into the industry with practical and commercial knowledge combined with design skills and nurtured creativity. Consequently, TDS graduates are now working in a broad and prestigious range of design companies and there is a history of graduate successes. TDS keeps in close contact with past students worldwide & we continue to offer ongoing life-long careers advice.

Making connections with studios is best facilitated through the Studio Founder & CEO, Anam Clarke oversees this particular aspect of the tuition. She is supported by Senior staff Agnes Chris, Mirna Fadi Risk and Keagan Clarke, and as such provide the broadest spread of experience across the Interior and Fashion Design fields.