About Designers Education Studio - How Our Story Began

The Designers Education Studio is a vocational training centre providing inspirational, career-focused education in interior design, fashion and the fine arts in the context of a new and broader way of thinking about the real value of design.

We believe in a creative and open-minded approach to teaching, meaning that students can expect to be encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to their projects.

We encourage collaboration, enterprise and an entrepreneurial approach, and an understanding of human responses. With a view to future proofing career opportunities for our graduates, students are motivated to embrace complexity and ambiguity and challenge assumptions, to see not just what is but what might be.

Opportunities for students to work closely with the wider community and contributions on closely related topics such as art, architecture, psychology and philosophy are included in our programmes wherever possible. We make every effort to provide a highly supportive environment for students and staff.

About Designers Education Studio
Anam Clarke

Anam Clarke

Founder - The Designers' Education Studio

Anam Clarke, founder of The Designers’ Studio, has in excess of 18 years of design experience, 15 of those in the Middle East including running her own practice. Born and raised in London, her grandfather and mother were both architects and designers. Her passion for art, architecture and design was rooted in her from the very start.

Anam was in the financial field for many years before changing careers and chose to study in her adult life at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design in Chelsea, London.

She moved to the UAE 15 years ago and has worked in Residential, Commercial, Hospitality  &Food  & Beverage projects globally. She quickly realised there is very little flexibility in adult education. She founded The Designers’ Education  Studio with the ethos of supporting adult learning at any age, with flexibility, support & collaboration.

Anam fought for policy changes within the education system both in the UK and UAE allowing adults to have the freedom to learn around their own lives. This policy change has allowed our students to take modules with breaks in between courses, and take up to 36 months to complete Diplomas.

After students have completed their education, The Designers’ Education Studio facilitates internship and job opportunities and are proud to state that we are the leading institute in student employment.