Fashion Marketing/ Social Media/ Web Design

fashion marketing


Understand the fundamental principles of fashion marketing.  Also, develop proficiency in conducting market research and analysis specific to fashion, including identifying target audiences and assessing competitive landscapes. This course also covers how to brand your business and acquire practical skills in implementing various marketing tactics within the fashion context, such as social media marketing, influencer partnerships, and experiential marketing.

  • What does the course cover?

    Topic 1

    • Creating your ideal customer profile(s)
    • Learning to do market research
    • Create your product suite
    • Set your prices
    • Mapping out the customer journey

    Topic 2

    • Clarify your brand messaging, brand story
    • Creating your brand identity
    • Getting brand consistency across marketing channels
    • Copywriting fundamentals

    Topic 3

    • Content creation (reels & other content)
    • Instagram Marketing
    • LinkedIn & Pinterest Marketing
    • Building a simple website

    Topic 4

    • One page marketing plan
    • Client outreach strategies
    • Marketing techniques to boost your sales
    • Influencer marketing


  • Dates

    • June 19th  to  July 10th Wednesday – In Studio 9:00AM to 1:00PM
  • Cost

    • In Studio- 2500 AED


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  • Requirements


  • Materials