Fashion Draping Courses

Fashion Draping Course


The Fashion Draping course is designed to teach students three-dimensional fashion design through the technique of draping the calico material directly on a body form, the mannequin. Students can use the principles of draping to create original garments and unique shapes, as seen in Haute Couture. The prototypes in calico material can be translated into flat patterns and recreated in fashion fabric at a later stage.

  • What does the course cover?

    Topic 1

    • •Introduction to Draping History
    •  Importance of grain lines and fabric orientation in Draping
    •  Tools and materials needed in Draping
    •  Ease and darts in Draping
    • Draping preparations
    •  Marking the dress for

    Topic 2

    • Draping the basic skirt foundation
    •  Draping skirt variations / asymmetric styles
    •  Draping the basic torso foundation
    •  Draping different Bodice styles.
    •  Visual examples and exercises of pattern making
    •  Producing flat patterns according to the draping

    Topic 3

    • Introduction to dress draping over a bustier / corset.
    •  Creating an Avant-garde, Showpiece dress through draping.
    •  Emphasising and enhancing with glitter, crystals, and feathers
    •  Converting the 3D techniques into a Fashion Illustration

    Topic 4

    •  Creating Costing plans and specification sheets for draped garments.
    •  Introduction to Jacket draping.
    •  Draping techniques for collars and necklines
    •  Sustainable draping techniques while using the miniature mannequin


  • Dates

    • June 18th  to  July 9th Tuesday – In Studio 9:00AM to 1:00PM

  • Cost

    • In Studio- 2500 AED


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  • Materials