Magdalena Oram

Founder of All over the House

My journey with interior design started when I moved to Dubai 6 years ago and decided to enroll in an online interior design course at KLC School of Design in London. However, I quickly realised that studying remotely wasn’t for me and that’s when I began to look for alternatives.

I am now about to complete my interior design diploma with The Designers’ Education Studio, right here in Dubai. I already have a few projects in the pipeline and started collaborating with other designers too!

INSTAGRAM: @alloverthehouse

What do you love about being an interior designer?

It’s my outlet for creativity. I love putting designs together, it’s like a big puzzle, where every element has to fit to make a beautiful final picture.

Why did you like learning interior design with The Designers Studio?

TDS is a great place to meet, learn from and work with some of the most creative people in the industry, students and tutors alike.

Their online courses gave me lots of flexibility in completing my diploma, which wasn’t easy at times as I’m a full-time mum to 3 children.

Tell us a little about your featured project:

This is our home office which also doubles up as a guest room. Before, this was solely a guest bedroom with a big bed that took up most of the room. Totally unused for most of the year. When my husband started his own business, he needed a proper home office. I changed the room layout, replaced the bed with a sofa bed, added some additional storage, made some DIY art and hung a wall gallery. It’s a totally different space now!

What advice would you give to current students?

Don’t compare yourselves to other students. Everyone is different, has a different taste and skills. You might not be great at SketchUp but it doesn’t make you a bad designer. It’s better to use the competition to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone than to beat yourself up!

What is your signature style?

I do believe that one’s style is constantly evolving and changing with time and trends. I tend to gravitate towards minimalist, Scandinavian style and neutral colours, however I absolutely love the recent trend injecting more colour and organic shapes into your home. My house is a great example of mixing these two styles: most of the house is very minimal and neutral, whereas my kids’ rooms are full of colour.

What does a typical day look like ?

Having 3 children means I have to be well organised with my day. We all get up quite early to get the kids ready for school and nursery. After dropping them off, I start working on my projects or catch up with friends if I can. Afternoons are usually busy with the kids’ after school activities. I would do some more work in the evening when they have gone to bed and the house is quiet. This is when I’m most creative. However, I try not to stay up past 10.30pm.

Fast four

I can’t live without… bread.

I’m passionate about…home DIY projects.

Words to live by…You only fail when you stop trying.

I’m listening to…Disney piano classics with my children