Durga Rawat

Interior Designer at INC Solutions

My interest in Interior Design began slowly and surely, as Dubai grew around me. Having spent many years of my career in the Power Generation and Engineering industries, I felt a strong calling towards my passion for design and decided to switch industries by furthering my education in design.

I graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design from The Designers’ Education Studio and was shortly after offered an internship at commercial design powerhouse, INC Solutions. Upon completion of the internship, I began freelancing as a designer. Working in all sectors of interior design is thoroughly satisfying. To know the different aspects of commercial, residential and hospitality design is a privilege and we are lucky to be in a city as dynamic as Dubai, which offers opportunities in these sectors in abundance. It is very exciting to create and design, to live my dream and follow my passion! I am now a full time interior designer at INC solutions and I hope to further my knowledge and expand my creativity through design.

WEBSITE: www.inc-solutions.com

What do you love about being an interior designer?

Being a designer involves a lot more than just making a space pretty. There are a lot of creative, technical, commercial and practical aspects of design that must always be considered with designing a space. What I love most about being an interior designer are the many roles a designer plays – researching, space planning, selecting and sourcing materials and furniture, adding accessories, creating a 3D model, photorealistic rendering, costing, client presentations, site visits and delivering a project successfully – these are all the roles a designer must play and the complexity of it is exciting and challenging. Each project comes with its own inspirations and challenges, and the end result of designing a beautiful, functional space is a feeling I cannot compare to anything in the world.

Why did you like learning interior design with The Designers Studio?

The best part about studying with TDS were their tutors. Their unparalleled passion and knowledge of design was apparent and contagious. It was a safe and welcoming environment where learning was fun and productive. The skills I learned at TDS have gotten me to where I am now in my design career, and I could not have reached this stage without my mentor Anam Clarke’s expert education, guidance and care.

Tell us a little about your featured project:

This project is an office that was designed for a boutique finance firm based out of DIFC that required a refurbishment of their existing space. They wanted a zen vibe, with lots of vertical lines, wooden accents, and a neutral bright color palette. Due to the minimal amount of light in the exiting office, the client requested additional lighting to be incorporated into the design, both for functional and aesthetic purposes. Special attention was given to the choice of materials and furniture, as well as accessories and biophilia in order to achieve a modern, clean and pleasing space.

What advice would you give to current students?

Whether you’re learning to join the industry or as a hobby, design should be something that’s fun and inspiring. Try to find inspiration in things around you, explore art and technology, travel, fashion and food – you’ll be surprised what can inspire you to create a design for a space. Take as many classes as you can to further your education, and along with fueling your creativity, you won’t be able to go wrong!

What is your signature style?

I definitely prefer modern, contemporary and minimal designs that follow neutral palettes. However, recently I’ve been very inspired and intrigued by maximalist, over the top and eccentric designs. Completely the opposite for sure, but I like to shake things up, explore and challenge myself.

What does a typical day look like ?

A typical day starts off with our daily design team meeting, where the entire design team at INC discusses ongoing and future projects as well as resource planning. A great aspect of our design team is that we always work collaboratively. This leads to greater successes in our work, and our collaboration is a large part of how we spend our mornings. After our morning sessions, I continue the day with a multitude of activities – test fits, design concepts, material selections, 3D modelling, and client and supplier communication. It’s always a busy day that goes by way too quickly.

Fast four

I can’t live without… my kids and family!

I’m passionate about…interior design, travel, tennis and music

Words to live by…“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” – Albert Einstein

I’m listening to…Brazilian Soul (Acoustic version) – The Knocks & Sophie Tucker