Comic Book Illustration Course

Comic Book illustration course


In this Comic Books Illustration course for kids, students learn drawing tools & techniques, narratives & characters and produce their own comic books.

What exactly is illustration?

Simply put, it’s the visual imagery that depicts, explains and/or decorates information. Illustration can be found everywhere in many contexts, the uses for it are endless.

In this kid’s course, students will explore one of the many aspects of visual narratives by learning the basic tools & techniques to draw illustrations, develop narratives & characters and produce their own compelling comic books.

  • What does the course cover?

    •Introduction to Illustration
    •Introduction & Course Overview
    •What is Illustration?
    •Keeping a Sketchbook

    •Crafting Narratives
    •What is a Narrative?
    •How to Create a Story
    •Making your first Zine

    •Designing Characters
    •The Basics
    •Bring Your Character to Life
    •Creating Character Sheets

    •Building your World
    •Creating Convincing Environments
    •Who lives in your World?
    •Side Stories & Characters

    •Sketches & Scripts
    •Why do we need a Script?
    •The Importance of Sketching
    •Making your first Dummy Book

    •Beginning of the End
    •Paneling and Text Layouts
    •Finalising your Artwork
    •Lock it in

    •Bring it All Together
    •Designing the Additional
    •Print Layouts
    •Prepare for Print

    •Your Final Comic
    •Your first Comic Book
    •Course Review
    •More to Illustration than just Comics

  • Course Dates

    September Term to be announced

  • Cost

    Cost: 2000 AED

  • Requirements


  • Materials


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