Graffiti and shoes painting course

Kids courses: shoe design grafitti


One of The Designer’s Education Studio’s popular Kid’s Courses, the exciting course on Graffiti and Shoe Painting is always a big hit. When you’re just starting out in graffiti, it’s hard to know where to start. What tools do you use? What makes a goodtag? What makes a good piece? What’s a throwie? Our course takes you all the way from a beginner to having a solid foundation of lettering and a good understanding of how to draw graffiti that looks good. How do we scale down your design and develop it in to a wearable tag? Deconstruct your drawing and develop a design for a shoe or garment. Finally, paint your design into a wearable final project.

  • What does the course cover?

    Topic 1
    •Introduction to Graffiti artists
    •Hand Sketching

    Topic 2
    •Introduction to Graffiti Styles
    •Handstyles and tags

    Topic 2
    •Letter outline development
    •Creating 3D pieces

    Topic 3
    •Types of caps, spray paints
    •Mural or graffiti?

    Topic 4
    •Spray paint can control techniques
    •Basic pieces process

    Topic 5
    •Design development of your tag
    •Creating wearable designs

    Topic 6
    •Painting styles
    •Painting techniques

    Topic 7
    •Small pattern creation
    •Fabric swatch testing

    Topic 8
    •Shoe or garment final preparation
    •Outline on shoe or garment

    Topic 9
    •Shoe or garment final project

  • Course Dates

    GARMENT PAINTING: Mondays- JAN 9th to FEB 27th 5PM to 6:30PM


  • Cost

    Cost: 2000 AED

  • Requirements


  • Materials

    To Be Confirmed

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