Exploration of fashion design

Exploration of fashion Design - Kids' Course


The kids’ course,  Exploration of Fashion Design course is an introduction to the exciting world of fashion design for youngsters. Over the course you will be creating your own fashion design sketchbook. You will learn the A-Z of fashion design-learning how to moodboard, sketch, basic pattern cutting, and experiment with fabrics and materials to create and make your 3d designs come to life.

  • What does the course cover?

    Topic 1
    •What is fashion design
    •History of fashion design
    •Fashion Seasons and Cycles
    •The Categories of Fashion
    •Identifying trends and enhancing your creativity

    Topic 2
    •What is it how to make a theme
    •How to find inspiration from everyday objects.
    •Create your moodboard on a chosen theme that is inspiring to you.

    Topic 3
    •Intro into fashion Sketching
    •How to sketch from your moodboard
    •Fabric and color knowledge

    Topic 4
    •Understanding shapes and garment construction
    •Playing with shapes and construction into 3d.
    •Adding embellishments

    Topic 5
    •Research into 3d shapes from your initial
    moodboard to illustrate your own 3d catwalk collection.
    •Sketchbook development into a full catwalk collection

  • Course Dates

    Wednesdays- JAN 11th to MAR 1st 5PM to 6:30PM


  • Cost

    Cost: 1800 AED

  • Requirements

    •Double sided tape
    •Tracing paper
    •Colouring pencils or markers
    •Pencil (sketching)
    •Fashion magazine

  • Materials

    To Be Confirmed

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