Natalie Gregory


The Designers' Studio

Born, raised and educated in London ,Natalie started her  professional career as a Quantity Surveyor in the corporate world of the petrochemical industry . Her international QS career spanned over 10+ years and took her to the four corners of the world . Accompanied by a desire to make every new destination her ‘ home away from home ‘ , she discovered a passion and flare for interior design .

Dubai has been home for Natalie and her family for  the past 12+ years. It has been the perfect opportunity to transition her vocation into the design industry, with a specialization in design programming. She has undertaken, managed and successfully completed a diverse range of interior design and landscaping projects. Dubai continues to be on an upward trajectory, leading the way in the field of interior design. It is a very exciting time for the industry and she is thrilled to be immersed in it.