The Designers' Studio

Lianne Bilen is a qualified Interior Designer and has in excess of 7 years experience in the field.

Liane is a tutor for Residential design, she has her own company called Lianne Bilen Interiors and specializes in flipping and renovating residential properties.

Lianne’s passion for art and design came from her grandfather. He was an architect who designed beyond his time, always taking into account his surrounding environment. He taught her to see the beauty in everyday objects, to appreciate sculptural lines and to always tell a story through design.

A home tells a story, of the people who live in it, and of the journey that is their life. the past, the present and the future.
Lianne likes to design a space to bring this story to life. Whether it starts with a family heirloom or a souvenir picked up on a special trip, every element of the design is carefully chosen to create a space that encourages togetherness, joy and, above all, special memories.

Lianne believes every home should reflect its own story, so, in turn, it can beautifully tell yours.