The Designers' Studio

Keagan Clarke is head of business development and international study within Interior and Fashion design. Passionate about the fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and business acumen, Keagan brings a fresh perspective to the industry.

Keagan is equipped with a strong foundation in Interpersonal skills, strong communicator, project management and ROI and data analysis skills to mention a few.
This expertise, combined with an innate flair for creativity and a keen eye for design trends, propels Keagan into a role focused on forging strategic partnerships, cultivating client relationships, and driving growth within the competitive realms of interior and fashion design.

Keagan’s enthusiasm for innovation, coupled with a commitment to understanding client needs and industry demands, fuels a proactive approach to business development. By leveraging emerging technologies and a profound understanding of market trends, Keagan strives to pioneer novel avenues for collaboration and expansion within the design sphere.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to excellence, Keagan is poised to navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent in the dynamic world of interior and fashion design. Eager to contribute fresh perspectives and cultivate impactful connections, Keagan aspires to foster synergies that elevate brands, amplify creativity, and redefine standards within the industry.