Humaid Ahmed

The Designers' Studio

An architect by profession, Humaid ventured into the world of interior design and found his niche in crafting bespoke furniture designs. His design language is inspired by the minimalism movement and architect Tadao Ando but he exhibits an open mind. As of 2023, he holds 7 years of rich industry experience and based in Dubai, his portfolio showcases top-tier projects in the realms of interior design and custom furniture production. Some of which include the cafe in Dubai Opera, boutique in Burj Al Arab, Dior showroom pop up at Nammos, residential units within Atlantis The Royal and multiple cafes in and around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With an eye for detail and sizable material knowledge, he takes on interior design projects from inception to close-out. 

Leveraging softwares like AutoCAD, SketchUp and Photoshop, Humaid also uses cutting edge AI tools to take his designs a notch up higher.

Apart from design, he has taken a keen interest in teaching where he brings his expertise to the classroom, sharing insights and techniques honed through his years of practice. Having also led calligraphy workshops, he believes in nurturing creativity beyond traditional design realms. As a tutor Humaid is eager to marry practical industry knowledge with innovative design thinking.