Workshops and Events

At Designers’ Education Studio we have both in-studio and online learning options. Our core values are based around a flexible approach to learning, meaning that anyone should be able to delve into their passion for interior design, fashion or the arts at any age. 

We believe in learning from the best, and that includes both our highly experienced tutors, or industry professionals and experts. We hold exclusive monthly talks, workshops and events for our students to allow them to understand their chosen industry through practiced, and award-winning designers.

Workshops, talks, and internships

Upcoming Events

Join us for our dynamic SUMMER CAMP for artistic kids (boys and girls) of ages 8-13+ yrs. 
Every week will be jam packed with creativity and aimed at budding artists and designers. From graffiti and garment painting, flow art, sculpting and pottery, comic book sketching, scrapbooking to making your own games and so much more!

Kids Summer Camp

In-Studio Interior Design Courses

With each of our in- studio interior design courses, tutors take the students into the real world at our industry partners showrooms, studios and factories to learn from the best and gain real hands-on experience.

We believe you need to learn theory in the classroom, however, one must experience the industry to thoroughly understand it. The Designers’ ducation Studio is partnered with many showrooms including, Crate and Barrel, Maisons du Monde, Tribe Dubai, Ethan Allen, andd Bo Concept but to name a few.

Every month Designers’ Education Studio hosts free workshops, events, talks and experiences with our industry partners to allow students to mingle, gain hands on experience with design industry professionals and start gaining contacts and forming relationships.

The Designers Education Studio also holds an apprenticeship programme led by tutors, where they can work in groups to complete real projects (under the guidance of a tutor) to gain hands on experience and add to their portfolio.