Evgeniia Massoud

Interior design

My fascination with interior design traces back to my early childhood, where my love for arts, architecture, fashion, and diverse cultures ignited a creative spark within me. Growing up, I was an active child with a myriad of interests, and dance became a significant part of my life. The parallels between dance and design are striking; both involve drawing inspiration, meticulous planning, and countless hours of practice to perfect a piece. Just as a dancer performs on stage, revealing their artistry to an audience, designers unveil their creations to homeowners, witnessing the transformation of ideas into tangible reality. For me, design is akin to a soulful dance, a harmonious expression of creativity. At the age of seven, I embarked on a creative journey by enrolling in art school, where I explored various avenues to unleash my imagination. This formative experience sculpted my aesthetic sensibilities, influencing every facet of my life, from my professional endeavors to my daily routines.

INSTAGRAM: @evinteriordesigns

What do you love about being an interior designer?

I adore the transformative power of design, whether it’s shaping landscapes or crafting interiors. It’s incredibly fulfilling to witness how thoughtful design can elevate the everyday, infusing spaces with both joy and functionality. Seeing the smiles and genuine delight on the faces of clients when they unveil a project is a truly priceless moment—one that fills my heart with warmth and fulfillment. It’s these moments of shared happiness that make every endeavor in design truly meaningful.

Why did you like learning interior design with The Designers Studio?

.I found immense value in my experience with TDS for several reasons. Firstly, the program offered a remarkable level of flexibility, allowing me to tailor my learning journey to suit my individual pace and preferences. Moreover, I appreciated the holistic approach to education, which seamlessly blended technical expertise with soft skills development.

This comprehensive approach not only equipped me with the practical skills needed for success in the field but also honed my ability to communicate effectively and think creatively. TDS provides me with a solid foundation upon which to build my career in interior design.




Tell us a little about your featured project:

One of my most cherished projects involves the transformation of a 4-bedroom villa for a delightful family with two teenage boys. Their home was in dire need of renovation, particularly the outdated bathrooms and bedrooms. Additionally, they sought to convert an underutilized space into a functional home office.

From the outset, I was determined to create something truly remarkable and functional for this wonderful family. It was a project that resonated deeply with me, and I poured my heart and soul into every aspect of the design process.

The end result excides their expectations. What was once a dated and uninspiring space has been reborn into tranquil and serene sanctuaries, perfectly tailored to the needs and preferences of the family. Witnessing the sheer delight and appreciation on their faces was immensely rewarding—it reaffirmed the transformative power of thoughtful design and the joy it brings to those who inhabit the spaces we create

What advice would you give to current students?

I would offer this simple yet profound guidance: Resist the temptation to measure your journey against that of others. Your path is uniquely yours, and the pace at which you progress is entirely yours to set. Rather than fixating on outcomes or comparing yourself to peers, focus on embracing the journey itself. Enjoy every step, every challenge, and every triumph along the way. So, be kind to yourself, stay committed to your goals, and above all, relish the unfolding of your own unique path.

What is your signature style?

My design aesthetic is characterized by a fusion of contemporary and minimalistic elements, with a deep appreciation for the simplicity and functionality inherent in both Japandi and Scandinavian styles. I am drawn to clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a harmonious balance of form and function. A neutral color palette serves as the foundation of my designs, creating a serene backdrop that allows for the occasional burst of vibrant hues in carefully curated accessories. This helps me to create visual interest to the spaces, resulting in environments that are both inviting and inspiring.

What does a typical day look like ?

My day begins with a dedicated focus on my physical well-being through a morning sport routine, setting a positive tone for the hours ahead. Following this, I indulge in a leisurely breakfast, savoring moments of peace before the bustling rhythm of the day unfolds. Each day presents a unique blend of activities, largely dictated by the projects I am currently working on. Whether I’m diving into the intricacies of a full shell and core project or meticulously crafting 3D renders, no two days are alike.

My schedule is punctuated by a series of client meetings, vendor collaborations, and intensive market research sessions, all geared towards bringing my design visions to life. I find immense joy in the creative process, from conceptualizing innovative designs to meticulously planning layouts that seamlessly marry form and function.

Amidst the professional whirlwind, I prioritize personal connections, whether it’s grabbing a coffee with friends or a quick catch-up session, offering valuable moments of respite in an otherwise busy schedule.

In essence, my days are a dynamic blend of creativity, collaboration, and meaningful connections—a reflection of my passion for design and life itself.

Fast four

I can’t live without… indulging in sweets .

I’m passionate about…design, sports, and animals.

Words to live by…There is no magic without a certain level of knowledge; keep learning to become a magician for somebody else.

I’m listening to…Steven Bartlett’s podcast.