Furniture Design Level 2: Innovations & sustainability

furniture design level 2


In this Furniture Design Level 2 course, you will explore the future of furniture with Smart and Sustainable design. Engage in practical cardboard furniture making, end user analysis, and delve into technical details using AutoCAD and SketchUp. Discover the world of joinery and create well-structured specification sheets.

  • What does the course cover?

    Topic 1

    • What is Smart Furniture?
    •  Convertible furniture
    •  Tech infused furniture
    •  Case studies on the above
    •  Sustainable furniture
    •  Overview into materiality & design of sustainable furniture
    •  Visiting faculty lecture
    •  What is paper architecture

    Topic 2

    •  Cardboard furniture making
    •  In-studio hands-on activity
    •  Group activity – make 2 pieces (Chair & coffee table)
    •  Load & performance testing

    Topic 3

    •  End user analysis -Who is your end user?
    •  End user preferences & style
    •  Activity- Pick an end user and present analysis
    •  Materiality in furniture- part 2 -Qualities & limitations • Pricing & value engineering
    •  Activity- Price estimation from manufacturer

    Topic 4

    •  Technical details in furniture design
    •  Understanding the inner workings of furniture & joinery
    •  How to make technical drawings
    •  Overview into AutoCAD & SketchUp for technicalities
    •  Joinery details
    •  Edge details & finishes
    •  Difference between cladding, lipping & wrapping
    •  Parameters of a well-structured specification sheet



  • Dates

  • Cost

    • In Studio- 2600 AED


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  • Requirements

  • Materials

    Computer, Scale ruler, tracing paper, graph paper, double sided tape, metal ruler, Stanley knife, scissors, glue, A4 white paper, A2 foam board

  • Internship & Work

    Internships and the work placement program is only in conjunction with the Professional Practice Diploma. If you would like work placements it is recommended to take the higher Diploma.