Furniture Design Level 1: Foundations of Furniture Design


Gain a solid understanding of furniture design essentials, from historical perspectives to distinguishing joinery pieces. Dive into the basics of freehand sketching, materials, and ergonomics, with hands-on activities and a captivating factory visit.

  • What does the course cover?

    Topic 1

    • What is furniture design
    • Final project overview
    • Differences between the following-architecture, interior design, product design & furniture design
    • How to differentiate between joinery pieces & loose furniture
    • History of furniture
    • History of chairs

    Topic 2

    •  What is freehand sketching
    •  Introduction to thumbnail sketches & perspective sketches (1 point, 2 point, 3 point)
    •  Live sketching of furniture in studio
    •  Playing with shapes & colors
    • Principles & elements of design
    •  What are orthographic views

    Topic 3

    •  Materiality in furniture- part 1
    •  Ergonomics & user comfort
    •  Matchstick model making activity

    Topic 4

    •  Student presentation & critique of sketches, matchstick models
    •  Factory visit



  • Dates

    • June 19th  to  July 10th Wednesday – In Studio 9:00AM to 1:00PM
  • Cost

    • In Studio- 2500 AED


  • Available for online training?


  • Requirements

    No prior entry requirements needed.

  • Materials

    Scale ruler, tracing paper, graph paper, double sided tape, metal ruler, Stanley knife, scissors, glue, A4 white paper, A2 foam board

  • Internship & Work

    Internships and the work placement program is only in conjunction with the Professional Practice Diploma. If you would like work placements it is recommended to take the higher Diploma.