Fast Track Fashion Design Diploma – 1 month Diploma(Bronze Package)


This robust fast track Fashion Design Diploma is an advanced course that builds on the foundation Fashion Design Diploma, preparing students to enter the professional world with confidence. Throughout the program, students will master essential aspects of fashion design and garment construction needed in the industry. They will receive comprehensive documentation, supplier lists, guidance on pricing, and training to create their own websites and promotional materials.

By the time they receive their diploma, graduates will have an impressive portfolio that highlights their unique designs and technical skills, making them highly sought-after candidates for internships and employment. They will also be equipped to work with private clients independently. The Designers’ Studio supports students by utilizing its industry connections to provide valuable opportunities.

Training Diploma in Fashion Design







  • What does the course cover?

    If students successfully complete 7 courses (shown below) with The Designers’ Studio, they will receive a graded Training Diploma in Fashion Design. To qualify for a Designers’ Studio Diploma, students will need to complete the following courses:

    • Fashion Design Level 1: Introduction

    • Fashion Design Level 2-6: Skirt, Bodice, Shirt, Dress & Trouser construction

    • Fashion Design Level 7 (Final course): Look Book

    The bundle package offers the aforementioned courses at a discounted rate. Diploma students are encouraged to complete the courses back to back however can take more time if needed (max of 3 years from start date). For more information please view the Diploma page

  • Objective

    • To develop students knowledge, skills in the creative and technical aspects of fashion design and in the specialist skills associated with the profession
    • To promote the attainment of the skills and knowledge required to gain appropriate professional status in the design discipline
    • Develop an awareness and appreciation of design in general and fashion design in particular to enable students to work with confidence and skill in their future careers
    • Encourage in depth design analysis
    • Introduce or develop research skills in support of design training and practice
    • Provide a historical context against which students can develop their ideas
    • Encourage individuality and creativity in all design work
    • Understand the nature of design as a problem-solving exercise and as a relationship between functional, technical and aesthetic elements
    • Successfully prepare and present a finalised design solution complete with all the necessary visual material and information to communicate a scheme fully, including a well-organised verbal presentation
    • Make a valuable contribution within the fashion design profession, or multi-disciplinary design practices; or as self-employed designers
    • Be able to successfully communicate concepts at sketch design stage with freehand sketches, visual material and rationales
    • Be aware of the value of research and sourcing in support of their design work.


  • Cost

    • In Studio- 18500 AED


  • Available for online training?


  • Requirements


  • Materials

    1. Paper scissors ( one per student)
    2. Large fabric cutting scissors  (one per student)
    3. Small fabric scissors ( one per student)
    4. Small box with pins
    5. Small box with safety pins
    6. Loop turner
    7. Set of sewing needles
    8. Thimble
    9. Unpicker
    10. Tape measure
    11. Notcher
    12. Tracing wheel
    13. French curve
    14. Square
    15. Chalk / chalk pencil
    16. Pencils
    17. Thread set
    18. Hooks and eyes set

    *Spare equipment is available in class

    **Sewing machines are provided for class however, it is recommended to have a sewing machine at home for practice.

  • Internship & Work

    Internships and the work placement program is only in conjunction with the Diploma. If you would like work placements it is recommended to take the Fashion Design Diploma.


  • Dates

    July 8th to 26th In-studio