Fashion Embroidery

fashion embroidery


This fashion embroidery workshop is designed for students of our fashion courses who are interested in learning the art of embroidery and incorporating it into their designs. It is suitable for beginners with no prior experience in embroidery, as well as more experienced embroiderers who are looking to expand their skills and explore new creative possibilities.

The course will cover all basic embroidery stitches, including running stitch, backstitch, satin stitch, and French knots. Students will learn how to select and prepare fabrics and threads for embroidery, as well as how to transfer designs onto fabric.

Once students are comfortable with the basics, they will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop bespoke embroidered collages. This will involve learning how to combine different stitches and techniques to create unique and individual embroidery designs. Students will also learn how to incorporate embellishments such as beads and sequins into their embroidery work.

  • What does the course cover?

    Topic 1

    •  Introduction to the art of Fashion Embroidery
    •  History of Embroidery Craftsmanship
    •  Materials and tools used in Fashion Embroidery
    •  Choosing the right Embroidery equipment
    •  Create your personal embroidery kit
    • Developing an individual Embroidery final piece

    Topic 2

    • Introduction to threads and fabrics
    • Understanding the terminology of
    • Embroidery stitches
    • Correct emphasising and implementing of the embroidery hoop
    • Creating the Running stitch
    • Creating the Back stitch
    • Creating the Whipped Back stitch
    • Creating the Stem stitch
    • Creating the French Knot stitch

    Topic 3

    •  Creating the Lazy Daisy stitch
    •  Creating the Brick Stitch
    •  Creating the Woven Wheel stitch.
    •  Creating the Chain stitch
    •  Creating the Satin stitch

    Topic 4

    •  Creating a creative and unique final Embroidery piece for Fashion Design or Home Deco


  • Dates

  • Cost

    • In Studio- 2500 AED


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  • Materials

  • Internship & Work

    Internships and the work placement program is only in conjunction with the Professional Practice Diploma. If you would like work placements it is recommended to take the higher Diploma.