Bodice Basics: Crafting the Perfect Fit

fashion design course - bodice construction


This course will provide a practical guide into constructing a bodice/top with a sewing machine. This is a step up from the 2 course as the construction becomes more technical. Students will begin with the basics & learn about major styles, materials to measurements. As the course progresses, students will practice how to make different necklines, darts & finally construct their final bodice/top using calico fabric.

  • What does the course cover?

    • Bodice/top prototypes
    • Major styles with Bodice/top
    • Activity: research Bodice/top – download styles
    • Bodice/top technical drawings
    • Typical materials used for bodice/top design


    • Standard body measurements
    • Activity: mannequin measurement activity
    • Understanding necklines on bodice/tops
    • Dart manipulation
    • Dart activity with card and sewing machine
    • Major sleeve types and visual examples


    • Create a working design visual for a bodice/top
    • Estimate the cost and time required to make a bodice/top.
    • Fabric preparation for pattern cutting
    • Calico fabric for sample pieces


    • Develop a statement of intent
    • Produce a range of samples specific to a chosen design
    • Introduction to pattern making: scale size ¼
    • Measurements and pattern cutting
    • Making a pattern from cardboard


    • Construct bodice/top using machine stitching to a selected design
    • Finish & final fitting for bodice/top
    • Present the bodice/top following a design specification
    • Produce a cost sheet
    • Produce production timescales
    • Evaluate completed bodice/top.


  • Dates

    • June 23rd  to  July 14th Sunday – In Studio 1:30PM to 5:30PM

  • Cost

    • In Studio- 2700 AED


  • Available for online training?


  • Requirements

  • Materials

      1. Paper scissors ( one per student)
      2. Large fabric cutting scissors  (one per student)
      3. Small fabric scissors ( one per student)
      4. Small box with pins
      5. Small box with safety pins
      6. Loop turner
      7. Set of sewing needles
      8. Thimble
      9. Unpicker
      10. Tape measure
      11. Notcher
      12. Tracing wheel
      13. French curve
      14. Square
      15. Chalk / chalk pencil
      16. Pencils
      17. Thread set
      18. Hooks and eyes set

      *Spare equipment is available in class

      **Sewing machines are provided for class however, it is recommended to have a sewing machine at home for practice.

  • Internship & Work

    Internships and the work placement program is only in conjunction with the Diploma. If you would like work placements it is recommended to take the Fashion Design Diploma.