Training Diploma in Fashion Design

If students successfully complete 7 courses (shown below) with The Designers’ Studio, they will receive a graded Training Diploma in Fashion Design. To qualify for a Designers’ Studio Diploma, students will need to complete the following courses:

  • Fashion Design Level 1: Introduction

  • Fashion Design Level 2: Skirt Construction

  • Fashion Design Level 3: Bodice/Top Construction

  • Fashion Design Level 4: Shirt Construction

  • Fashion Design Level 5: Dress Construction

  • Fashion Design Level 6: Trouser Construction

  • Fashion Design Level 7: Look Book (Final course)

The internationally recognized Diploma is accredited by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). Certificate courses take four weeks to complete while Diploma courses can be completed within an academic year with course combining. The ethos of The Designers Studio is flexible adult education, therefore students can take up to 36 months to complete their studies on Diploma Programmes. By the time students receive their Diploma, they will be armed with an eye-catching portfolio and an comprehensive understanding of the foundations of Fashion Design.

There is the additional option to achieve a UK accredited Level 2 Diploma in Fashion Design with qualification number 7160-22. The City and Guilds are the world leader in skills development and are recognised as the benchmark for high-quality training that meets the needs of today’s workplace. Students will need to make their intent known 30 days after starting their first course and pay an additional 1500 AED on top of their fee to avail of this option.

To maximize their grade, it is recommended that they demonstrate competency in all courses. Grades are awarded as follows:

Distinction– Student has shown a consistently excellent standard of work across all areas of design.

Honours– Student has shown a consistently high standard of work across all areas of design.

High Merit – Student has shown a consistently good standard of work across all areas of design.

Merit – Student has shown a consistently good standard of work across all areas of design.

Pass – Student has shown a consistently adequate standard of work across all areas of design.

Training Diploma in Fashion Design

Students do not have to apply for the Diploma immediately, we have a 30 day conversion offer whereby students are able to take one full course, then make a commitment to the Diploma. This allows students to get to know the studio, tutors, understand the learning and take their time with the decision. Students who do want to convert to a Diploma have two options after 30 days:

1. Bundle Package: The first is to convert to the Diploma Bundle offer (which is a discounted package rate as it is paid in one lump sum). It is the course price deducted from the bundle package offer.

2. Pay as you go: Students can be more flexible with the pay as you go package. You will need to pay a deposit of 2500 AED at the end of the 30 day period. 1000AED is redeemable against the final Photoshop Portfolio course. Students are then able to pay course by course as they climb the Diploma ladder.

*** Students who do not convert after the 30 day period will not be able to convert to the Diploma. Your intent must be known.